Tokoto E-Commerce App

Tokoto E-Commerce App


Flutter Shop app templates include more than 20 pages, covering nearly all the screens you need to make an e-commerce app.

20+ Screens
Product Details Page
OTP Verification
Cart Page
Use in unlimited projects
Lifetime updates
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About the template

If you want to learn how to build this ecommerce template on Flutter watch the playlist on YouTube,

Tokoto UI Kits offers a customizable shop app template for Flutter developers. It includes over 20 flexible screens covering everything needed to create a shop app – from sign-in and sign-up pages to an e-commerce homepage, product details, cart, and even a profile page. This versatile template suits various shops, including clothing, electronics, phones, laptops, furniture and the list goes on. Best of all, you can download the code for free.

Video Preview of the Shop template


Screens this kit contains:

=> Onboarding

=> Login

=> Forgot Password

=> Sign Up

=> Complete Profile

=> OTP Verification

=> Home Page

=> Product Details

=> Order

=> Profile

=> Bottom Navigation Bar

Tokoto template preview

Episodes: Watch it on YouTube

In the first video, we start by making a neat onboarding screen for our shopping app. This works on both Android and iOS because it's made with Flutter.


In the next video, we tackle the 'Sign In' and 'Forgot Password' screens, adding some unique error messages.


The third video covers the 'Sign Up' and OTP page.


The fourth one is fun – we create the main homepage. Preview

In the fifth, we dive into the product page,


and in the sixth, we craft an order page with cool features like 'swipe to delete.


Finally, in the seventh video, we design the user profile page.


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