Chat/Message App

Chat/Message App


This chat UI template includes all the necessary pages for creating a chat app in Flutter, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

20 Screens
Chats Page
Contact List & Search
Audio Call
Video Call page
Form validator
Use in unlimited projects
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About the template

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Toutorail: Chat App using Flutter

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This messing/chat app UI template using flutter that runs both Android and iOS devices also has a dark and light theme. We create in total 18+ screens all of that support both Dark Theme and Light Theme. At first, we have a welcome screen that contains an image with a tag line also has a skip button. Once the user press, its transfers to the Sign-in or Sign-up screen. The last two screens are the main screen, Chats screens it shows the list of people you are chated with. At the end message screen which support text message, audio message, and video messages.

Complete UI Contains:

► Splash Screen ► Welcome Screen ► Sign in & Sign up ► Phone Validation (OTP) ► Forget Password ► Change Password ► Chats Screen ► Search Chats ► Message Screen ► Audio Call ► Video Call ► Contacts ► Search Contacts ► Call History ► Search on Call history ► Profile Screen ► Edit Profile

  title: 'The Flutter Way',
  debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,
  theme: lightThemeData(context),
  darkTheme: darkThemeData(context),
  themeMode: ThemeMode.light,
  home: const WelcomeScreen(),

Chat/Messaging App Light and Dark Theme Final UI

Preview Preview

App UI

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